Sunday, November 30, 2014

Soviet Concept Cars

At lease a couple of this babies look like they came from a dieselpunk's dream.

The one above was named GAZ A -Aero and designed in 1932 by Alexei Nikitin. Despite the car's aerodynamic futuristic look it has traditional construction of wooden frame and body.

Moskvich -408 Tourist 1964, would feature synthetic leather interior and a dash board of the same color as the body. However, it was never accepted into mass production.

Zil Yunost (youth) was designed by Tatiana Kiseleva, but never went into production due to its cost. A van was supposed to feature individual light for passengers, ash trays and coat hooks as well as powerful heating and A/C.

ZIS-112 , designed by Valentin Rostkov was supposed to be the Soviet dream car. However, the car turned out to be very heavy.

This unfortunate abbreviation - VNIITE PT of 1963 can be reduced to "perspective taxi". It was never put in production, but this particular car was saved from destruction is currently exhibited in Military - Technical Museum of Chernogolovka , near Moscow.

VAZ - E1101 was conceived by VAZ specialists and never saw production. It was nicknamed Cheburashka (after a Soviet animated character).


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