Friday, January 24, 2014

This is Russia, Kiddo! ( or Marvels of Russian Construction)

From what I understand, the two toilet bathroom baffled a foreign mind (BBC correspondent took this photo in a facility in Sochi that will host Winter Olympics )

I think it is just perfect for a two men/women bobsleigh team.

But what about the rest of Russia? There many more puzzling solutions in the rest of the country.

Most of these ramps are made strollers. Is this one for triplets?

This bank clearly is not ready for either strollers or wheel chairs

Who want to steal this trash can? That's right, no one.

You better have a baby with aptitude for extreme sports for this one

A paved path into the back of the dumpster wall

Feel free to caption this one. I got nothing.

A set of swings for children in the future in extreme sports.

Have you sought the Grail? I found King Arthur's toilet. "Your Majesty, I bring you the gifts of Angel Soft and Scrubbing Bubbles"

And this ramp is made to train little tree huggers.

And last, but not least:

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