Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where to eat in St. Pete: Restaraunt Gogol!

Would you like to try "Soup made of dried cepe mushrooms after the old fashion, of fascinating flavor"? How about to start with "Rolls of eggplant and zucchini with medium spicy fillings in Caucasian style?"  My personal favorite (not for foreigners weak of heart) - "aspic laboriously made of pig knuckles with veal and poultry".

Restaurant Gogol has a great atmosphere  and food to make most foodies come back for more. We did.  If you like you can read the Menu section firs, then buy your tickets to St. Petersburg :) I, btw, have no affiliation with the place, I just really loved their cooking.

Aspic was almost like Grandpa used to make, forest berry Mors need to exist in Texas - it is a great summer drink. Mushroom soup smelled so good, it was almost a shame to eat it. Sigh. 

English  menu is available, of course, so is an English speaking waiter. We were there during lunch and the place was not crowded. Few businessmen having meetings, few others off the street. It is totally not a tourist trap, just a really good place to eat.

The service was also very good - non-intrusive. There was a hand bell to ring for a waiter. There was a cage with two song birds. Cage was elaborate, birds were cute. First lunch there, they had a domestic. The male was kicked out of a nest. Second time around there was singing and all around domestic bliss.

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