Monday, July 2, 2012

Inside Look at a University

My BFF is a professor of economics in St, Petersburg State University, former LGU (weird, we are all grown up).

It is one of the most prestigious Universities in the country. It has campuses all over city, but we went to the main campus during an open door event. The best part we got to go behind the scenes and look at things that normally people don't see.

I could not take pictures inside, because of the number of people attending, but we got to see the longest hallway (Guinness book of Records). The hallway was lined with old books, under lock and key. A linguist and a bibliophile both would have a hard time leaving that place. 

We walked around and got a few interesting pictures.

Gogol's "Nose" deserves its own monument. 

Another small monument to the cats used in research over a period of time. 

Speaking of cats -  quite a few of free brethren roaming around, gathering near a door to wait for a sympathizing faculty member to come out with food and milk.

The University also employs a few guard dogs (along with human guards). The pictures did not come out due to serious demeanor of said dogs (could not get close). 

Stone Garden holds stones from sister- Universities.

My album has the rest of the pictures from that  visit.

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