Sunday, July 8, 2012

Immigration, Motherhood, Disappointment.

This is bound to offend somebody.

I am neither Republican, nor Democrat. Both are wrong. Republicans should stay out of people's beds, democrats should stay out of people's taxes. The are both wrong and ineffective and lost any kind of respect or trust of the people. Tea Party and numerous Occupy movements are symptoms of discontent.

I am for separation of Church and State. Lets pause for a moment and admire Orthodox Jews. They don't eat pork and don't try to make it illegal.There are too many vocal fundamentalists for my taste. For the record If I go to church, it is Orthodox Church. I am not against organized religion. I just don't want to go back to Medieval Theocracy and I don't want to cover my face.

I am against illegal immigration and I am for controlled immigration. Immigration by country of origin is stupid. Do it on merit: skilled teacher, doctor, artist, musician, welder - welcome. In other words, instead of saying we need more Nigerians or "oh, so unfortunate refugees", we need to decide how many capable minds we want to accept. It is a country, not a charity.

Above all - learn English, people.I did. I am also against having to adjust to the culture of new comers. It used to be that you adjusted to the culture you are coming to. Very good model. Too bad it does not work in American society today.  I am not saying you should forget your roots - far from it. Lets have bilingual children (makes their lives richer); lets have festivals; lets even have ethnic districts. Lets speak English though, or not wear things that scare children. Lets not slaughter pigs in the backyards of suburbs. I do not want to learn Spanish because I have to. I want to learn Spanish because I want to. It is hard to imagine Russians starting to speak Uzbek to accommodate guest workers. I don't see Finns speaking a lot of Turkish either.

Protect our borders. No, really. With walls, minefields and machine gun towers.

Everybody is so afraid to say something wrong or politically incorrect that everybody is silent. Stand up for something. Tell a gang banger wannabe to pull his pants up. I did not walk outside to look at underwear of male I don't know. None of them look like underwear models by the way.

Just a few thoughts, brought up by a conversion I had yesterday. But I got to go now, time for my Spanish lesson.

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