Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny Sports Photos

Olympics are coming up and internet is full of different pictures. Below is my small collection of funny photos that was sent to me or found on the internet. I do not claim any ownership or license of these photos. Enjoy:
 Tell me, I am pretty.
 Mr, can you make a different face?
I believe  I can fly
 What about dinner and a movie?
 Your tongue kung fu uis not stronger than my shoe
I can crack walnuts with that
 I am using the force, no really
 I got my eye on you. Ok, may be two eyes.
 If men could give birth
 Just ouch
 There is no ball, Neo.
 Do my shorts smell fresh to you?
 Oh, my God, strange white guy is licking me
 Excuse me, sir, you have a loose booger
 Must lick Chinese player
 Ouch # 2
Coach, he stuck a quarter up there again!

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