Monday, July 2, 2012

Finns Do it Better!

The only "complaint" I have about Finnair is that they don't go directly to Dallas. Sigh.

Finnair is very similar to Lufthansa in spirit and quality airplanes. Finnair seemed more cordial though. Whether the employees were Finnish or Russian, the service was right on the spot. For example, on the way back we were heavily laden with gifts and souvenirs and were ready to pay 80 euro a bag to take it all home. However, there was confusion in the level of membership and we were told that with American Gold we did not need to pay the fee. And after the bags were submitted, it turned out that we were indeed a level lower and needed to pay, but since originally we were given wrong information Finnair stuck with the original decision. 

The boarding was prompts and no non-sense on the way to St. Petersburg and on the way back. Overall Airbus seems to have more room, but on one of the planes we had emergency row seats and could completely stretch our legs out. There was much rejoicing.

There was European juice on the planes. In other words, I could drink without anti-acids and not suffer a sulfurous pit of burning citric acid and liquid fire afterwards. Bathrooms were clean. 

The best part was a multifunction screen available to each individual passenger. You had choices of recently released movies, TV shows, news and in-flight information accessible at all time. A new cool perk for me was ability to see what pilot sees during take off and landing. Flat screens in the cabin and you personal screens displayed forward or lower camera. Seeing take off as you were in a cockpit made an eight year old me happy.

None of the planes tried to give birth in the air or grunted, or made any other noises that made you think of emergency procedures or Lost, the TV show. 

There was an enticing catalog with Finnish chocolates and Angry Birds stuff. I was stoic and did not fall for it.

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