Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Great Trip!

And so I am back from another great trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. (I feel I always must insert "Russia" before people tell me how nice and sunny Florida is this time of year). Speaking of the weather, the temperature stayed in 70s and it was great. The combination of sun, cool air and breeze, plus some time spent on water gave me an excellent farmer's tan.

I have visited a lot of museums and just beautiful places, but I also saw a lot of friends and family.

While things are fresh in my mind I will need to review the following things in my blog:

1. Airlines. This time  I dealt with American Airlines and Finnair.

2. Restaurants and cafes in St. Pete.

3. Transportation

4. What people wear

5. Grocery stores.

6. Taxi cabs

There are many other things, but this is a start.

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