Sunday, December 25, 2011


My web hosting service was outsourced to unknown location. I can no longer rely on technical support. It is incompetent beyond anything I can imagine.

I am tired of straining to understand people on the other end of line.  I am tired of substandard low quality services and products. It is very frustrating. While my friends are unemployed or underemployed, people in India and China have jobs. American jobs. I am tired of calling places and being offered an option in Spanish. I am tired of our government catering to every other nation, but its own. I don't hate immigrants. I am one. I worked hard to come here and worked hard to stay here, and I bust my butt at work every day, rain or shine, sick or not. I am not entitled to anything, and I do not like people who think they are.

The melting pot is broken, it is not melting anything. It creates pockets of Indians, Pakistani, Arabs, Chinese, Mexicans.

Our government is turning into our enemy. By laws of free market all jobs go where labor is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Our jobs are given away every day. There is no one, who represents this nation's interest. And we are a nation. We are losing our identity. We give away from our way of life, so other people had a right to dress their women in potato sacks with eye holes. We are a nation, not a charity. We are a nation with no national unity. We don't have the same religion, we don't tell same fairy tales to our children, and I do not have much in common with people from Nepal. What really holds us together, other than relative comfort of day-to-day life? Is it enough to be a nation?I am not a Russian American, I am an American and a Russian. All these Black Americans, Mexican Americans, other sorts of Americans are very divisive.

Russia is a multinational country, but people have common interest of self-preservation.  We lost that. Our birth rate stays up due to poor immigrants. Women with education and jobs cannot afford to have children, because they are afraid to lose jobs, and because two pathetic months to raise a child is not enough. So, they don't have children. Our nation is disappearing and the government does nothing, but what is even worse we do nothing. Just roll over and take it. We simply do not have a party to represent the interest of self-preservation. Republicans and Democrats failed, they are the thing of the past. 

Yes, yes, I know I am a chauvinist pig.


  1. Well spoken, as always Julia. I am reminded of the WW2 propaganda films "Why We Fight." In the one on our Soviet allies it pointed out that the USSR was a multi-cultural nation like the U.S. and, yet "Russia" still has a unifying, over-arching culture. "America" used to. Used to, not anymore.

  2. Very well said, my friend. I am a Welsh, Irish, Italian, German, English, Scottish - Thus I am an American. My ancestral came here and were unwanted. They worked hard and became Americans.
    Now Americans are made to feel unwanted in their own country. National identity has been subverted and divided so badly, I don't see a way out.