Saturday, December 17, 2011


Communism is unreachable utopia. Capitalism can work with minimal interference from the government, but it is for the young, the strong, and the healthy.

Democracy is an illusion. You always end up with oligarchy  that understands that to keep up the illusion you need bread and circuses. Once you become a successful politician you become one of the few. To become a successful politician you need to come from a similar environment or money that can make you one. I do not resent it. Such is the order of things. It stems from human nature, and until that changes nothing will change on the larger scale. I do not believe that human nature will change. Individual human being - yes, human nature at large - no.

What to do then, as the world plunges into unrest? (European crisis, North American economy tanking, Russian protest against Parliament, Arabic Spring) Stan fast where you are.

Love your parents, they are not here forever. Visit them, call them, tell them that you love them.

Make your spouse come first. Selfishness is a root of many evils. Every time say "good bye" as it was forever. When you say "hello" again you will appreciate seeing each other mush more.

Give your children the best things that you had, not the things you never had.  Give them love, hugs and mostly your time. If you do not have time, do not have children. They don't need to be raised by an X-box and TV.

Spend time with animals. Rescue dogs, birds, hedgehogs and feed horses. The miracle of life takes many forms and all of them are glorious.

Stand up for the weak, the old and the orphaned. It takes one good person to be silent for the evil to triumph.

Do not strive to change the world, it will change whether you want to or not. Change your own life. Learn to make something, learn to ride a horse, shoot a gun, travel to a foreing country. In the process you will change and so will the people that your life touched.

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