Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coming Back

It is very easy to let myself go as far as workouts are concerned.  And I did.

First, it was "I am sick, my kidney hurts. " or "My back hurts." Then it was " I am working 10s and I have so many errands to run". And then "Mom got cancer - I have no energy".

Well, my back still hurts. There is no available medical solution for it in the US at the moment, so I do back exercises in the mornings. Every work day at 5:45 am. I get up, I hit the yoga mat before I can fully wake up and decide that I am lazy or something else hurts. I do the exercise program designed by a Russian strongman Valentin Dikul. He broke his spine and made himself walk again. He became a doctor, he opened a clinic , now he helps people with serious injuries and people like me, who let go. I admire him.

I am up to 200 crunches every morning, not counting other exercises.

Today I had my first pad work out  in a year or so. I punched 45 minutes. Threw some combos on the pads and Bob. Used Bob's head s a speed bag. It felt good. I still have a little bit of a rhythm and muscle memory is there. I felt happy and accomplished. I think I may broken the spell of "I can't". I can and I will.

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