Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I Miss.

I miss National Unity.

Back home you all have the same agenda, same religion , same Easter traditions and if somebody attack one of you, they attack all. There are no Ukranian Russians, no Estonian Russians , no Black Russians, there are Russians. You grew up on the same fairy tales, eating same kind of porridge, admiring same kind of heroes.Yes, we are a little xenophobic, but diversity has way too many draw backs. There is freedom of speech, but it ends, if you decide to walk around with your pants down.

I miss respect for Maternity.

Orthodox people worship the Maternity of Mary. Maternity is sacred. Two months maternity leave for my people is unbelievable and cruel. A woman gets at least a year to raise a child with her work place preserved. Yes, it is backed by the government, but if you want your nation to flourish and have children who will grow speaking the national language, you help the families. Pregnant women are not expected to get cranking at work for a year. Children are important.

I miss having a national language.

Russia has a problem with illegal immigrants, or guest workers. They all learn Russian , however. We do not have signs in Tajik, Uzbek etc. All services are in one language. Want to work - learn.

I miss time off.

My friends laugh at 6 sick days, 10 vacation days. Then they cry, because they feel sorry for me. A month vacation, plus a week for Christmas/ New Year, plus a week for May holidays. They have time to enjoy themselves.

I miss not having PC. No political correctness, taken to the extreme.

End of rant 1.