Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mandatory "About".

What makes someone a fighter? Is it genetics? Is it upbringing? I am not not certain, but I always felt like one. I grew up a severe tomboy and was a cause of few gray hairs on my parents' heads. All my interests included something fast, something brutal, something that made me bruise others and myself or something that shot a projectile.

I am on a life long quest to try arts that involve fighting, shooting and horse riding. So, I shoot, I ride, I fight and I re-enact. 

I am not interested in acquiring stuff. I am interested in acquiring skill or experience. For longest time I thought that you have to pick one field of activity and stick with it, until you excel and achieve a highest level of proficiency.

As I get older and the more I feel the pressure of mortality the more I am interested in trying a variety of activities. I don't have to be the best grappler or the best shot.  I want to learn a new skill, even if it is at a basic level of proficiency.  I just want to know what it is like to be a rider, a grappler, a polo player.

In any case cross training is good - keeps you active and not bored with your training. 

Here is some cool stuff, as far as sports:

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April, 2009 REVGEAR BLOG -Training
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It looks like Revgear's Wordpress is down, so goes my half second claim to fame :)

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